Urine Biological Age Test

Biological Age test
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The Biological Age Test provided by myDNAge employs an at-home urine collection kit for the sample collection. The procedure consists of three steps: ordering the kit, sending the sample back to myDNAge, and receiving the results. The ordered kit arrives within a week after placing the order. The collection process is facilitated by a set of instructions included in the kit. Once collected, the urine sample is mailed back using a prepaid return label. Upon receipt, myDNAge uses its proprietary SWARM™ technology to analyze DNA methylation patterns at over 2000 loci on the human genome to generate epigenetic age predictions. The overall process, from sending the sample to receiving the report via email, takes roughly 4-6 weeks.


At-Home Urine Collection Kit

Instruction Manual

Prepaid Return Envelope

Transparent Cup

Biohazard Bag

Urine Preservation Reagent

Non-latex Gloves

Urine Collection Bottle

Not included

Personal consultations or follow-up activities 

Medication related to test results 

Version 2 of myDNAge Report (only available with blood kits)

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