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Mydnage is a health care provider located in the United States of America, Tustin We specialize in providing accurate epigenetic age determination tests that utilize Next Generation Sequencing technology on over 2000 biomarkers found within human DNA strands for precise results Our team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing reliable and accurate tests backed by science and trusted by scientists worldwide since 201 We also offer at-home collection kits for blood and urine samples, which can be used to accurately determine one’s biological age The kits come with step-by-step instructions making the process much easier and faster than traditional lab visits while still getting the same quality result Additionally, we provide educational resources related to aging such blogs posts on fitness nutrition lifestyle changes and more , making it easier for customers to understand their reports better before taking any actionable steps towards improving their overall well being With Mydnage, customers can get access to reliable information that will help them make informed decisions regarding their health journey

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The Blood Biological Age Test provided by myDNAge is an at-home blood collection kit that offers a comprehensive assessment of the body's health. The test operates on the principles of epigenetics, utilizing their proprietary SWARM™ technology to examine DNA methylation patterns across over 2,000 loci on the human genome. This renders accurate predictions of biological age. The procedure begins with the dispatch of a sample collection kit to the client. Following detailed instructions, the client collects a blood sample using a lancet-based device and sends it back in a prepaid return envelope. After processing the sample in their lab, myDNAge delivers the result within 4-6 weeks via email.

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The Biological Age Test provided by myDNAge employs an at-home urine collection kit for the sample collection. The procedure consists of three steps: ordering the kit, sending the sample back to myDNAge, and receiving the results. The ordered kit arrives within a week after placing the order. The collection process is facilitated by a set of instructions included in the kit. Once collected, the urine sample is mailed back using a prepaid return label. Upon receipt, myDNAge uses its proprietary SWARM™ technology to analyze DNA methylation patterns at over 2000 loci on the human genome to generate epigenetic age predictions. The overall process, from sending the sample to receiving the report via email, takes roughly 4-6 weeks.


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14762 Bentley Cir, Tustin, CA 92780, USA
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