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Marek Health offers a comprehensive questionnaire designed to accumulate information on the individual’s training, diet, gender-based health, medications and supplements, and current health issues, goals and interests. After this step, the client is prompted to book an intake evaluation which is conducted via Zoom by a Health Coach. The next phase involves diagnostic blood testing to assess the client's health status. After the results are analyzed, the Health Coach prepares the client for a meeting with a medical provider for further review of the health profile and diagnostic results. This final consultation serves to establish a personalized treatment plan.


  • Comprehensive initial questionnaire to gather personal health data.
  • 25-minute introductory Zoom call with a Health Coach for the intake evaluation.
  • Diagnostic blood testing to assess health.
  • Review of lab markers by Health Coach.
  • Consultation with a medical provider for establishing a personalized treatment plan.

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations after the establishment of the personalized treatment plan.
  • Any additional diagnostic tests post-initial assessment.
  • Medications that may be recommended as part of the treatment plan.
  • Subsequent meetings with the Health Coach or medical provider after the initial process. These are subject to separate fees.
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