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Marek Health is a telehealth platform that emphasizes flexibility and personalization in health optimization. Their services extend beyond standard telehealth functions, focusing on individualized health coaching, nutritional support, and monthly check-ins. The platform forgoes fixed subscription models, offering adaptability to meet changing client needs through a mix of self-service diagnostic labs, expert oversight, and continuous adjustment of treatment plans. While Marek Health specializes in connecting clients with healthcare professionals for peak performance, they do not directly administer healthcare or prescribe medications. Payment is direct, with the option for clients to use FSA or HSA accounts, though they do not work with health insurance providers. Office support is provided during business hours, with consultation services integrated into their offerings to align treatment with comprehensive health assessments.

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Marek Diagnostics provides a comprehensive Basic Panel Package aimed at providing key insights into an individual's metabolic health, hormone status, and lipid profile. The procedure involves thorough bloodwork to scrutinize essential biomarkers which also include liver enzymes, kidney metabolites, and electrolyte levels. Highly suited for men new to optimization, this panel can identify target areas requiring further testing. It's crucial to note that Marek uses state-of-the-art equipment to carry out this procedure, ensuring the highest level of precision in the results. However, it's pertinent to mention that this lab package does not meet the Guided Optimization requirements.

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Marek Diagnostics offers a comprehensive medical test known as the Complete Panel Package. This package is designed with a focus on human optimization, using an evidence-based approach. The Complete Panel includes detailed testing for various health indicators like hormonal balance, metabolic function, vitamin status, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, it provides insights into oxidative stress levels, clotting factors, tumor markers, and organ function. With more than 100 biomarkers included in the lab panel, the Complete Panel Package identifies diseases and provides a holistic view of patients' health status. It uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure unparalleled accuracy.

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Marek Diagnostics offers a comprehensive panel package designed to provide detailed insights into an individual's health. The procedure combines high-accuracy assays with precise biomarkers, focusing on areas such as hormonal function, metabolic health, lipids, and organ health. This approach allows the provider to screen for systemic inflammation, cardiovascular risk, and insulin resistance accurately. The comprehensive panel includes various lab markers that cover sex hormones, gonadotropins, neurosteroids, prostate health, thyroid levels, growth hormone/IGF-1, lipids, blood count, metabolic parameters, insulin sensitivity, liver function, kidney function, vitamins levels, iron panel and inflammatory markers. The diagnostics also include complete urinalysis.

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The Comprehensive Thyroid Panel from Marek Diagnostics is an in-depth lab package designed to investigate the health of the thyroid gland. The thyroid is critical for various body functions, including metabolism, heart rate, cognitive function, and body weight regulation. This panel evaluates a broad spectrum of hormones, proteins, enzymes, and vitamins involved in thyroid health. It also assesses autoimmune activity markers. The specificity of this panel makes it highly suitable for those considering Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy. Tests included cover markers such as TSH, Free T3 and T4, Reverse T3, T3 Uptake, and Thyroxine Binding Globulin (TBG). Autoimmune markers like Thyroglobulin Antibody (tgAb) and Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPOab) are also checked.

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Marek Health offers a comprehensive questionnaire designed to accumulate information on the individual’s training, diet, gender-based health, medications and supplements, and current health issues, goals and interests. After this step, the client is prompted to book an intake evaluation which is conducted via Zoom by a Health Coach. The next phase involves diagnostic blood testing to assess the client's health status. After the results are analyzed, the Health Coach prepares the client for a meeting with a medical provider for further review of the health profile and diagnostic results. This final consultation serves to establish a personalized treatment plan.


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