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Marek Diagnostics offers a comprehensive panel package designed to provide detailed insights into an individual's health. The procedure combines high-accuracy assays with precise biomarkers, focusing on areas such as hormonal function, metabolic health, lipids, and organ health. This approach allows the provider to screen for systemic inflammation, cardiovascular risk, and insulin resistance accurately. The comprehensive panel includes various lab markers that cover sex hormones, gonadotropins, neurosteroids, prostate health, thyroid levels, growth hormone/IGF-1, lipids, blood count, metabolic parameters, insulin sensitivity, liver function, kidney function, vitamins levels, iron panel and inflammatory markers. The diagnostics also include complete urinalysis.


  • - High accuracy assays combined with precise biomarkers
  • Screening for systemic inflammation
  • Testing for cardiovascular risk
  • Evaluation of insulin resistance
  • Detailed lab markers including sex hormones, gonadotropins, neurosteroids, prostate health parameters
  • Thyroid level checks
  • Growth hormone/IGF-1 evaluation
  • Lipids profile analysis
  • Complete blood count and metabolic parameters
  • Insulin sensitivity check
  • Liver and kidney function tests
  • Vitamin levels assessment
  • Iron panel test
  • Inflammatory markers identification
  • Complete urinalysis

Not included

  • Post-procedure consultation or follow-up activities are not included.
  • Any medications that may be required following the diagnostics.
  • Separate payment for additional services not listed in the comprehensive panel package.
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