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Marek Diagnostics offers a comprehensive medical test known as the Complete Panel Package. This package is designed with a focus on human optimization, using an evidence-based approach. The Complete Panel includes detailed testing for various health indicators like hormonal balance, metabolic function, vitamin status, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, it provides insights into oxidative stress levels, clotting factors, tumor markers, and organ function. With more than 100 biomarkers included in the lab panel, the Complete Panel Package identifies diseases and provides a holistic view of patients' health status. It uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure unparalleled accuracy.


  • Comprehensive testing for hormonal balance, metabolic function, vitamin status, and cardiovascular health
  • Additional indicators for oxidative stress levels
  • Testing of clotting factors and tumor markers
  • Analysis of organ function
  • Blood draw (venipuncture) at LabCorp facility

Not included

  • Follow-up consultation post-testing
  • Medication associated with any identified health condition
  • Any form of post-test care or treatment options
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