Biological Age Test

Biological Age test
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The Biological Age Test assesses the individual's biological age in comparison to their chronological age, providing insights into overall health and aging markers. This test involves a combination of assessments, including telomere length analysis, epigenetic testing, and various biomarkers related to aging and health. Blood samples are collected and analyzed using advanced laboratory techniques to evaluate these indicators. The comprehensive analysis helps in identifying areas of health that may contribute to accelerated aging, allowing for targeted interventions to promote longevity and well-being.


• Pre-test consultation to discuss the procedure, its benefits, and what to expect.
• Collection of blood samples using safe and sterile methods.
• Advanced laboratory analysis of telomere length, epigenetic markers, and aging-related biomarkers.
• A detailed report summarizing the findings and indicating the biological age.
• A follow-up consultation to review the results, providing insights and recommendations for lifestyle adjustments or interventions.

Not included

• Any further testing or follow-up assessments recommended based on the test results.
• Specific treatments or interventions to address aging markers identified in the test.
• Ongoing monitoring or repeat testing to track changes in biological age over time.

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