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The Longevity Center is designed to deliver tailored health assessments, interventions, and optimization plans, focusing on longevity and preventive medicine. Utilizing a holistic approach, the center evaluates health through its proprietary "Longevity 360⁰ whole-person health assessment" and implements "Personalised Longevity Health Interventions." These offerings are supported by the center's method which assesses eight health markers spanning from the physical to the psychological, encompassing aspects such as genetics, epigenetics, environmental health, and age-specific factors. The center places a significant emphasis on biological age, employing validated biomarkers to inform health strategies. An expert Scientific Advisory Board supports the center’s commitment to integrating the latest scientific research into its services. Moreover, client care is personalized, incorporating cutting-edge diagnostics to foster optimal health outcomes and enhanced longevity.

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The Biological Age Test assesses the individual's biological age in comparison to their chronological age, providing insights into overall health and aging markers. This test involves a combination of assessments, including telomere length analysis, epigenetic testing, and various biomarkers related to aging and health. Blood samples are collected and analyzed using advanced laboratory techniques to evaluate these indicators. The comprehensive analysis helps in identifying areas of health that may contribute to accelerated aging, allowing for targeted interventions to promote longevity and well-being.

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The Dexa Scan for body fat composition is a precise and non-invasive imaging test that measures bone density, lean muscle mass, and fat distribution throughout the body. Utilizing dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), the procedure provides detailed insights into body composition, crucial for personalized health and fitness planning. During the scan, the individual lies comfortably on a scanning table while the DEXA machine passes over their body, emitting a low-dose X-ray beam. The entire process is quick, typically taking 10 to 20 minutes, and is conducted under the supervision of our trained radiologic technologists.


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Tödistrasse 498002, Zürich, Switzerland
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