Biological Age test
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HealthTAV®, offered by Life Length, is a test that measures the length of telomeres utilizing the company's proprietary TAT® (Telomere Analysis Technology). This test involves HT Q FISH (High Throughput Quantitative Fluorescence in situ Hybridization), renowned for its precision and ability to evaluate each telomere in all cells present in a sample. The procedure distinguishes itself by providing not just average telomere lengths but also over 200 variables pertinent to diagnostic and clinical applications. Moreover, it allows longitudinal analysis of the telomere length over time, enabling monitoring of aging and the impact of lifestyle or therapeutic interventions.


  • High Throughput Quantitative Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (HT Q FISH) technology-based telomere analysis.
  • Reporting on mean, median, and status of the shortest telomeres.
  • Histogram distribution of telomere lengths.
  • Inclusion of previous measurements for longitudinal analysis.
  • Calculation and reporting of biological age using a proprietary algorithm.
  • Analysis organized into gender groups and age ranges.

Not included

  • Annual repetition of the test (recommended but not included).
  • Follow-up consultations to interpret test results or provide medical advice.
  • Medical treatments or lifestyle interventions based on test findings.
  • Any medications or supplements that may be recommended as a result of the test outcomes.
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