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Life Length is a biotechnology company situated in Madrid that specializes in advanced health diagnostics and research. They offer an array of services including HEALTHNAD+, which measures cellular NAD+ levels essential for health and longevity, and HEALTHTAV®, recognized for its highly accurate telomere length measurement. The company also provides HEALTHOX tests to gauge oxidative stress levels, indicative of metabolic health. With a focus on oncology, they conduct innovational diagnostic tests that aid in the early detection of aggressive prostate cancer, utilizing telomere analysis. Life Length supports various sectors, such as biotech and pharmaceuticals, through their telomeric technology in contract research services. Additionally, they extend beyond diagnostics into personalized medicine, offering a suite of services that encompass genetic testing and individualized health plans integrated with nutrition and state-of-the-art medical technology for proactive health management.

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HealthTAV®, offered by Life Length, is a test that measures the length of telomeres utilizing the company's proprietary TAT® (Telomere Analysis Technology). This test involves HT Q FISH (High Throughput Quantitative Fluorescence in situ Hybridization), renowned for its precision and ability to evaluate each telomere in all cells present in a sample. The procedure distinguishes itself by providing not just average telomere lengths but also over 200 variables pertinent to diagnostic and clinical applications. Moreover, it allows longitudinal analysis of the telomere length over time, enabling monitoring of aging and the impact of lifestyle or therapeutic interventions.


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Calle de Miguel Ángel, 11, 2nd floor, 28010 Madrid, Spain
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