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Biological Age test
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GlycanAge offers a biological age assessment through at-home test kits, which analyze key glycan indexes. Upon receiving the kit, customers collect their sample and send it back for evaluation. GlycanAge provides a personal dashboard where results can be viewed and progress tracked. The procedure includes a detailed breakdown of glycan indexes and a consultation with GlycanAge's health-span doctors to assess results and suggest improvements. Customers have the option of taking a single test to discover their biological age or multiple tests to measure progress and optimize health. There is also flexibility in payment with monthly instalment options available.


  • One or two GlycanAge at-home test kits (depending on the package chosen).
  • Personal dashboard access for results viewing and progress tracking.
  • Detailed results breakdown after each test.
  • Consultation with a health-span doctor post-test for result assessment and improvement guidance.

Not included

  • Additional consultations beyond the one(s) provided with the test(s).
  • Frequent testing plans, which may require customization and separate arrangements.
  • Costs related to any recommended medications or further treatments resulting from consultation findings.
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