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GlycanAge positions itself as a health-focused service that has developed a biological age test based on the glycosylation patterns of immunoglobulin G (IgG). This methodology aims to determine an individual's biological age by measuring chronic systemic inflammation, which is influenced by their lifestyle choices. The company offers at-home blood sample collection kits paired with complimentary expert consultations post-analysis to advise on potential lifestyle modifications to improve wellness and healthspan. With a foundation in over 30 years of scientific research supported by a significant portfolio of peer-reviewed publications, GlycanAge underscores the integration of genetic, epigenetic, and environmental factors in its biological age assessment. Additionally, GlycanAge caters to individuals embarking on their menopause journey, offering personalized management options. The service markets itself as a valuable resource for those in the biohacking community and individuals focused on longevity science, by tracking the impact of health interventions on biological aging.

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GlycanAge offers a biological age assessment through at-home test kits, which analyze key glycan indexes. Upon receiving the kit, customers collect their sample and send it back for evaluation. GlycanAge provides a personal dashboard where results can be viewed and progress tracked. The procedure includes a detailed breakdown of glycan indexes and a consultation with GlycanAge's health-span doctors to assess results and suggest improvements. Customers have the option of taking a single test to discover their biological age or multiple tests to measure progress and optimize health. There is also flexibility in payment with monthly instalment options available.


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College House, 17 King Edwards Rd, Ruislip HA4 7AE, UK
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