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A colonoscopy is a medical examination performed using a thin, telescope-like device known as a colonoscope to inspect the lining of the large bowel. This procedure is instrumental in diagnosing causes behind certain symptoms such as abdominal pain or certain bowel conditions. Through colonoscopy, doctors can detect and fully remove pre-cancerous lesions, or polyps, thereby playing a crucial role in colorectal cancer screening for patients over the age of 45 or those with a family history of colorectal cancer.


  • The colonoscopy procedure includes a preliminary consultation with a primary care doctor to discuss matters such as the patient's current health status, medication routine, family and medical history, and potential symptoms. This consultation could necessitate further diagnostic tests like scans or blood tests before the colonoscopy takes place. 
  • Post-procedure care involves a 30-minute recovery duration, during which any biopsy samples or polyps are sent to an external lab.

Not included

  • The price does not cover any additional costs that may be incurred due to further diagnostic tests required after the initial doctor's consultation. 
  • Aftercare costs, such as those related to dealing with rare complications (including fever, bloating, minor rectal bleeding, and abdominal pain), are not inclusive in the procedure price. 
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