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FirstMed, located centrally in Budapest, offers wide-ranging healthcare services, including 24/7 'on-call' assistance and scheduled appointments. Specialized in colorectal cancer screenings and orthopedic services, it also extends general, pediatric, and gynecological treatments across 20+ specialties. With modern facilities spanning over 1,250 sqm, including an endoscopy center, x-ray, mammography, and 16 exam rooms, it ensures comprehensive, stress-free care. English-speaking staff, direct billing to insurers, and a child-friendly environment enhance the care experience. Their team stands ready to address your health needs round the clock

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A colonoscopy is a medical examination performed using a thin, telescope-like device known as a colonoscope to inspect the lining of the large bowel. This procedure is instrumental in diagnosing causes behind certain symptoms such as abdominal pain or certain bowel conditions. Through colonoscopy, doctors can detect and fully remove pre-cancerous lesions, or polyps, thereby playing a crucial role in colorectal cancer screening for patients over the age of 45 or those with a family history of colorectal cancer.

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On site health quesionaire to map out goals and plans.

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On site evaluation and selection of wearable health trackers 


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Budapest, Hattyú u. 14-5th Floor, 1015 Hungary
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