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Index by Elysium is an at-home saliva test designed to measure biological age and cumulative rate of aging, offering a comprehensive assessment of the aging process across multiple systems, including the brain, heart, metabolic, and immune systems. Utilizing cutting-edge epigenetic technology, Index evaluates DNA methylation patterns to estimate the biological age of various bodily systems. The test kit includes evidence-based lifestyle recommendations and allows users to contribute to longevity research through Elysium's Aging Research Center. Elysium ensures a non-invasive collection process through saliva sampling and provides a detailed report that retroactively includes system age scores for past users.


  • Biological age assessment.
  • Cumulative rate of aging calculation.
  • System age scores for nine different systems (e.g., brain, heart).
  • Evidence-based lifestyle recommendations.
  • Enrollment in the Aging Research Center's research studies (free of charge for Index users).

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations or medical advice from healthcare professionals.
  • Any additional lab testing not specified in the original Index test.
  • The cost of medications or treatments stemming from the test results.
  • Charges for any subsequent testing or data analysis post initial report.
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