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Elysium Health is a healthcare provider that stands out for its collaboration with leading scientists and institutions, developing validated health technologies focused on aging research. The company maintains a dynamic product pipeline, reflecting its commitment to future medical advancements. Elysium is supported by Nobel laureates and has strategic partnerships with Oxford and Yale, ensuring rigorous scientific standards. Its inception is rooted in groundbreaking research on yeast by co-founder Dr. Leonard Guarente, which has led to significant discoveries in the genetics of aging, particularly the role of the SIR2 gene and NAD+ molecule in cellular health. Elysium offers products like Basis, designed to promote cellular wellness based on their sirtuins and NAD+ research. The company adopts a multifaceted approach towards tackling the complexities of aging, striving to translate scientific findings into accessible health solutions.

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Index by Elysium is an at-home saliva test designed to measure biological age and cumulative rate of aging, offering a comprehensive assessment of the aging process across multiple systems, including the brain, heart, metabolic, and immune systems. Utilizing cutting-edge epigenetic technology, Index evaluates DNA methylation patterns to estimate the biological age of various bodily systems. The test kit includes evidence-based lifestyle recommendations and allows users to contribute to longevity research through Elysium's Aging Research Center. Elysium ensures a non-invasive collection process through saliva sampling and provides a detailed report that retroactively includes system age scores for past users.


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434 Broadway, New York City, NY, United States
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