$125 - $250

Dr Kris Verburgh

Longevity Doctor Consultation
Virtual: Global
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Dr. Kris Verburgh, MD, specializes in providing medical consultations focused on longevity, preventive medicine, and optimal health. Emphasizing a science-based approach to extending healthspan and lifespan, Dr. Verburgh utilizes his expertise in the fields of biogerontology and longevity medicine. He handles consultations that cover a range of topics, including nutrition, supplements, aging-related diseases, and interpretation of various medical tests such as blood tests and MRI scans. These services are rendered via telehealth platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, ensuring accessibility for patients regardless of location.


  • One-hour intake consultation or 2x30-minute follow-up/short consultations
  • Discussion and advice on longevity, prevention, nutrition, and supplements
  • Analysis of medical tests and results (blood tests, MRI scans)
  • Guidance on managing aging-related diseases

Not included

  • Medical or health-related question responses via email
  • Any potential medications or treatments resulting from the consultation
  • Subsequent follow-up consultations beyond the initial service
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