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Dr. Kris Verburgh is recognized for his contributions to the field of longevity medicine, with efforts dedicated to exploring ways to extend the human healthspan and lifespan. He has written "The Longevity Code" among other publications, offering insights into aging and measures to counteract its effects. Verburgh is credited with establishing the scientific discipline of nutrigerontology, examining nutrition's role in the aging process, and has introduced the concept of the "Second Biotech Age," reflecting a shift towards more tailored and effective medical interventions.
As an expert public speaker, Verburgh presents on topics related to the future of health and longevity across the globe. He is currently preparing to release a new book on longevity targeted at a broad audience. Through his blog and a bimonthly newsletter, he disseminates current information on longevity research and practices. Verburgh maintains an active social media presence, enabling him to connect with individuals interested in the science of aging and longevity strategies.

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Dr Kris Verburgh

Dr. Kris Verburgh, MD, specializes in providing medical consultations focused on longevity, preventive medicine, and optimal health. Emphasizing a science-based approach to extending healthspan and lifespan, Dr. Verburgh utilizes his expertise in the fields of biogerontology and longevity medicine. He handles consultations that cover a range of topics, including nutrition, supplements, aging-related diseases, and interpretation of various medical tests such as blood tests and MRI scans. These services are rendered via telehealth platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, ensuring accessibility for patients regardless of location.


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59 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10165, USA
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