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On location: 5 Newlands Close, Edgware HA8 8DQ, United Kingdom
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The Longevity Bloodmarker Test provided by Dr Alka Patel is a comprehensive blood analysis procedure aimed at identifying potential aging patterns and providing insights into one's health trajectory. The process involves drawing a blood sample followed by detailed lab testing using advanced equipment. Dr Patel follows meticulous steps to ensure accuracy, including individual assessment, standardized collection methods, and precise sample analysis, ultimately providing a predictive map of your health and possible longevity factors.


  • Initial health assessment
  • Standardized blood sample collection
  • Detailed blood bio-marker analysis
  • Initial results consultation
  • Personalized health and longevity report

Not included

  • Subsequent bloodwork or additional tests
  • Any specific treatment plans based on results
  • Ongoing health or aging consultations
  • Required follow-up tests based on initial results
  • Costs associated with recommended supplements or treatments.
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