Epigenetic Biological Age

Biological Age test
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The Biological Age Test offered by the health provider is an Epigenetic test that analyses thousands of epigenetic markers in a person's DNA to establish their biological age. With a focus on how lifestyle and environmental changes can influence health at a molecular level, this testing service offers a comprehensive insight into an individual's long-term health. Customers can track their aging rate over time and see how choices related to lifestyle interventions and supplements impact their health. The collection method used for this procedure is saliva-based, with samples collected using a kit provided by the provider.


  • Saliva collection kit
  • Detailed instructions for use
  • Pre-paid return label for sending back the sample
  • Access to an online dashboard where test results are made available

Not included

  • Guidance on dietary or lifestyle changes based on test results
  • Consultation with healthcare professionals regarding abnormal results
  • Follow-up testing or monitoring services.
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