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Chronomics Limited is an online healthcare provider offering convenient, lab-quality home testing services. Clients can order tests online, with kits delivered through the mail for self-sampling and return to an accredited laboratory. Providing reliable and accurate results via a secure online dashboard, they transform complex health data into comprehensible insights. Underpinned by a team of scientists from esteemed universities, Chronomics sets a high standard for scientifically valid data, partnering with UKAS-accredited, ISO compliant labs. The firm is dedicated to advancing healthspan research, affirming a strong commitment to enhancing human longevity.

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The Advanced Male Hormone Test is a comprehensive evaluation of testosterone and related biomarkers, conducted by the health provider via an at-home finger-prick test. The test examines key hormones including Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin), Albumin and the Free Androgen Index. These markers offer significant insights into the hormonal balance of the patient. The provider's procedure enables accurate calculations of Free Testosterone and Free Androgen Index by measuring Albumin levels. This test is recommended for men experiencing symptoms of testosterone deficiency or those with a family history of hormonal imbalances.

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The Biological Age Test offered by the health provider is an Epigenetic test that analyses thousands of epigenetic markers in a person's DNA to establish their biological age. With a focus on how lifestyle and environmental changes can influence health at a molecular level, this testing service offers a comprehensive insight into an individual's long-term health. Customers can track their aging rate over time and see how choices related to lifestyle interventions and supplements impact their health. The collection method used for this procedure is saliva-based, with samples collected using a kit provided by the provider.


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