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Cardio Control is a company that specializes in sport diagnostics, performance diagnostics, medical diagnostics, exercise planning, and nutrition. 

They offer a range of tests and measurements to optimize athletic performance and provide individualized analysis. 

Their services include personalized calibration of sports watches, VO2max measurements, lactate threshold measurements, optimization of running pace for various distances, and specific test measurements for triathlon and competition preparation. 

The company aims to help individuals achieve their maximum potential in training and competition while considering their health and safety.

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CardioControl's performance diagnostics and sports-specific tailored analysis are accessible again from May 2021. The service provides a comprehensive series of tests for athletes looking to calibrate their sports watch and maximize their performance safely. Tests will begin with a five-minute warmup, followed by exercises that progressively increase in intensity performed on a treadmill or on a bicycle ergometer. These procedures help to evaluate the maximum heart rate (HRmax) and oxygen consumption (VO2max), and enhance training intensity zones. 


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Budapest, Hadak útja 1, 1115 Hungary
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