Dexa Scan Measurement of Total Body Composition

DEXA Scan Body Fat Composition
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Woman inside a DEXA scannner

The DEXA Total Body Mass procedure involves the measurement of total body composition, including mineral contents, the ratio and mass of fats, and soft tissue like muscle. It aims to determine the risk factors of certain diseases depending on the location of body fats and the type of obesity. This procedure provides data on changes in muscle-fat ratio, blood fat, cholesterol levels, and the Body Mass Index (BMI), enabling evaluation of whether the current body mass or weight falls within the norm.


  • Comprehensive evaluation of body composition, including the ratio and mass of fats and soft tissue.
  • Measurement of mineral contents and bone density.
  • Risk assessment for certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  • Evaluation of exercise effectiveness and subsequent changes in muscle-fat ratio.
  • Assessment of potential osteoporosis risk and treatment effectiveness.

Not included

  • Personal medical history consultation, including questions about family history of fractures and illnesses.
  • Treatment for diagnosed conditions such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes.
  • Recommendations for managing conditions or diseases identified during the examination.
  • Analysis of factors contributing to osteoporosis such as hormonal diseases, nutrient absorption disorder, or sedentary lifestyle.
  • Follow-up medical examinations or procedures.
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