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Buda Health Center is a multiple award-winning private outpatient healthcare provider with three major establishments. 

The center has a staff of 300 experienced physicians who cover 45 different medical specialties, and who have worked together over many years to provide individually tailored care. 

Throughout its 22-year history, the center has served over 400,000 patients and has developed insights into effective patient care and time management. 

The healthcare centers are situated in accessible, central, yet peaceful and elegant locations in the capital. 

Buda Health Center prides itself on providing high-quality, personalized care from admission through to departure.

The center also provides healthcare services to 390 Hungarian and multinational companies as a contracted provider.

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The DEXA Total Body Mass procedure involves the measurement of total body composition, including mineral contents, the ratio and mass of fats, and soft tissue like muscle. It aims to determine the risk factors of certain diseases depending on the location of body fats and the type of obesity. This procedure provides data on changes in muscle-fat ratio, blood fat, cholesterol levels, and the Body Mass Index (BMI), enabling evaluation of whether the current body mass or weight falls within the norm.


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Budapest, Királyhágó u. 3, 1126 Hungary
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