Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing
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The Major Organ Function, Hormones, Thyroid, and Cardiometabolic Panel is a comprehensive diagnostic test conducted by the health provider. The test focuses on assessing the functionality of major organs, evaluating hormone and thyroid levels, and determining cardiometabolic health. Through this panel, imbalances or suboptimal functioning in these systems can be identified, which is critical for addressing potential health concerns. SHP utilizes advanced equipment to ensure accurate measurement of the various biomarkers associated with organ functionality, hormone balance, thyroid health, and cardiometabolic status.


  • Assessment of major organ function
  • Measurement of hormone levels
  • Evaluation of thyroid function
  • Determination of cardiometabolic health

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations or additional testing
  • Any medication that may be prescribed post-analysis
  • Subsequent treatments or interventions based on test results
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