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Biohax Institute, a medical clinic based in Miami, provides a suite of services designed to enhance human longevity and performance. Their offerings include Age Reversal, Regenerative Medicine, and Hormone Optimization, all grounded in the Biohax Longevity Process. This process assesses individuals at a cellular level to create personalized treatment protocols. They employ cutting-edge diagnostic testing to pinpoint areas for improvement in patients' health. The clinic takes a holistic approach, looking beyond symptoms to underlying causes, and integrates advanced therapeutic treatments such as Peptide Therapy, bio-identical hormones, and micronutrient optimization in their protocols. Their use of state-of-the-art laboratories for comprehensive testing allows them to address a wide range of health markers, from biological age to organ function. The Biohax Institute also specializes in concierge medicine, providing a tailored healthcare experience, and their team is actively involved in medical research and education, particularly in the fields of epigenetics and human performance.

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Biohax administers DEXA body scans using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry technology, which encompasses two X-ray beams at different energy levels that pass through the body to assess and quantify muscle mass, fat distribution, and bone density. The procedure is performed with the patient lying flat on a scanning bed. For body composition analysis, the scan duration is approximately seven minutes, while a bone density scan can take between 10 and 20 minutes. The process is non-invasive and involves minimal radiation exposure due to a contactless wand moving over the patient's body. Post-scan, a healthcare professional reviews and explains the results to the patient, which include detailed metrics crucial for health assessment.

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The full gut microbiome analysis conducted by the health provider entails a comprehensive stool test that evaluates the patient's gut flora. The procedure is designed to identify the underlying causes of various health conditions or symptoms linked to gut health. Through this analysis, the provider examines the balance and presence of different microorganisms within the intestines, which can significantly influence overall well-being. Additionally, the test includes an assessment for intestinal permeability issues that may contribute to conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), and leaky gut syndrome.

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The Major Organ Function, Hormones, Thyroid, and Cardiometabolic Panel is a comprehensive diagnostic test conducted by the health provider. The test focuses on assessing the functionality of major organs, evaluating hormone and thyroid levels, and determining cardiometabolic health. Through this panel, imbalances or suboptimal functioning in these systems can be identified, which is critical for addressing potential health concerns. SHP utilizes advanced equipment to ensure accurate measurement of the various biomarkers associated with organ functionality, hormone balance, thyroid health, and cardiometabolic status.

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Biohax offers a hormone optimization treatment aimed at restoring hormonal balance for both men and women experiencing related deficiencies. Their process is data-driven and personalized, utilizing detailed blood work and diagnostics to accurately determine hormone levels and devise a tailored treatment plan. Biohax provides various administration methods, including injections, topical solutions, and pellet therapy, to suit patient preferences and needs. The chosen method is closely monitored through regular follow-up blood tests to ensure optimal hormone levels are achieved and maintained.

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Biohax conducts the Vo2 Max Test to measure aerobic capacity and cardiovascular fitness. The test is performed in Miami, FL, under the supervision of healthcare professionals in a clinical setting. Participants undergo a gradual increase in exercise intensity while using either a treadmill or a stationary bike. A mask connected to a machine records oxygen consumption and heart rate. This systematic approach allows for precise data collection and analysis of endurance levels, aimed at enhancing performance and longevity.


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4141 NE 2nd Ave ste 105a, Miami, FL 33137, USA
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