DEXA Body Scan

DEXA Scan Body Fat Composition
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Biohax administers DEXA body scans using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry technology, which encompasses two X-ray beams at different energy levels that pass through the body to assess and quantify muscle mass, fat distribution, and bone density. The procedure is performed with the patient lying flat on a scanning bed. For body composition analysis, the scan duration is approximately seven minutes, while a bone density scan can take between 10 and 20 minutes. The process is non-invasive and involves minimal radiation exposure due to a contactless wand moving over the patient's body. Post-scan, a healthcare professional reviews and explains the results to the patient, which include detailed metrics crucial for health assessment.


  • Guidance on preparation for the scan, including avoidance of calcium supplements 24 hours prior
  • A contactless, non-invasive scanning procedure with a duration of 7 to 20 minutes
  • A comprehensive review and explanation of DEXA scan results by a healthcare professional

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations to discuss changes in health or adjustments to treatment plans
  • Any medications or supplements recommended as part of post-scan care
  • Subsequent scans for monitoring progress, which may be advised depending on individual health goals
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