Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
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Aetas is a health care provider specializing in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). TRT is a hormonal therapy aimed at restoring testosterone levels, alleviating symptoms of deficiency, and potentially preventing diseases. The process begins with an initial consultation followed by blood tests to ascertain the patient's hormonal balance. If the tests confirm testosterone deficiency, TRT treatment begins, with the method chosen based on individual factors and the doctor’s assessment. Common forms include injections and gels. The effectiveness of the treatment is monitored through multiple follow-up consultations and blood tests over the first 12 months. Aetas’s approach to TRT emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of each patient's unique hormone profile to tailor a personalized treatment plan.


  • Initial consultation with a specialist doctor, including physiological examinations such as blood pressure and BMI.
  • Comprehensive blood tests for hormone levels and other relevant indicators.
  • Follow-up blood tests after 4-8 weeks to assess treatment effectiveness.
  • Follow-up consultation after 2 months for dosage adjustment if necessary.

Not included

  • Additional consultations and blood tests beyond those specified in the startup package must be paid for separately.
  • Annual consultation with the doctor, required to continue treatment at Aetas, is not included in the initial cost.
  • Medication prescribed as part of the TRT treatment is not covered in the initial charges.
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