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Aetas Diagnostics specializes in tailored healthcare services with an emphasis on longevity and preventive medicine. The provider integrates advanced diagnostic tools such as DNA genotyping and DEXA body scans within their health programs. Their Health Intelligence program stands out by assessing over 200 biomarkers paired with nutritional and epigenetic analyses to craft personalized health roadmaps. Their suPAR® Health test measures chronic inflammation and biological age. For those seeking a more streamlined health assessment, the Health Check evaluates 20 essential biomarkers. Along with these services, Aetas Diagnostics incorporates the latest research and protocols into its practice, addressing areas such as forest bathing, sunlight exposure, fasting, sauna therapy, glucose regulation, and the impacts of environmental toxins. These offerings reflect a commitment to employing evidence-based approaches to enhance patient health and longevity.

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At the Aetas clinic, an introductory consultation is provided, which can be conducted either over the phone or through a Zoom call. The duration of this initial discussion is fifteen minutes, in which a healthcare professional discusses longevity activities with the client. Such consultations are crucial to understand clients problems and assign the best possible healthcare approach to them.

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Aetas Diagnostics offers a diverse range of blood work services at their Hellerup clinic. Their panels are specifically curated by leading clinicians in Longevity and Geroscience fields, promising a thorough analysis that includes over 1,000 possible tests. Aetas can guarantee the delivery of results within a day. They provide various panels dedicated to different aspects of health such as hormone levels, hematology, electrolytes, liver function, heart and lipid levels, thyroid function, kidney function, metabolic status, and inflammation indicators.

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The DEXA Body Scan is a 30-minute procedure that involves a clinical screening for visceral fat (fat surrounding organs) and body composition, which can provide detailed insights into the individual's percentage of body fat and muscle mass. This scan provides the necessary information to make well-informed decisions, adjust training regimes, and achieve desired results in their journey towards improved health.

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Aetas Diagnostics offers a genotyping analysis service that provides detailed insights into the client's genetic profile. Using advanced technologies such as qPCR, their state-of-the-art molecular laboratory identifies specific genetic markers with high accuracy and reliability. The genotyping process focuses on four key genes, namely COMT, APOE, TNF-alpha, and MTHFR, which play crucial roles in various health aspects like cardiovascular and brain function, immune response, and metabolism. The results include genetic reports that interpret the identified variants, enabling clients to understand their genetic predispositions better.

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Aetas is a health care provider specializing in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). TRT is a hormonal therapy aimed at restoring testosterone levels, alleviating symptoms of deficiency, and potentially preventing diseases. The process begins with an initial consultation followed by blood tests to ascertain the patient's hormonal balance. If the tests confirm testosterone deficiency, TRT treatment begins, with the method chosen based on individual factors and the doctor’s assessment. Common forms include injections and gels. The effectiveness of the treatment is monitored through multiple follow-up consultations and blood tests over the first 12 months. Aetas’s approach to TRT emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of each patient's unique hormone profile to tailor a personalized treatment plan.

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Aetas' suPAR Health test is a precise biomarker that detects current levels of otherwise invisible background inflammation, providing crucial prognostic insight into the state of an individual's current and future health. The test is designed to serve as a preventive tool, assessing the risk of developing severe diseases over the next decade. Through Aetas' cutting-edge technology, the suPAR Health test allows monitoring of health performance to fine-tune lifestyle interventions such as diet, exercise, sleep, and other longevity interventions. If the suPAR score is high, it prompts proactive identification of underlying causes at an earlier stage, enabling personalized longevity protocols.


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