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Wáberer Medical Center offers comprehensive healthcare services covering various specialist areas. Among its facility are ten wards and full imaging and laboratory diagnostics. They have a unique approach to healthcare, from preventive measures, diagnosis, through intensive inpatient and outpatient care, to full recovery. Diagnostic procedures range from MR, CT, ultrasound, to endoscopy while their surgical offerings span areas like general, orthopedic, plastic surgery, and more. For outpatient care, vaccinations and Covid tests are administered. For complex cases requiring prolonged treatment, a discounted care package is also provided.

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The Waberer Medical Center offers a colonoscopy procedure, an effective method for early detection of colorectal cancer. A colonoscopy, also known as bowel endoscopy, is used to investigate or diagnose bowel diseases. The procedure employs a colonoscope - a long, flexible tube equipped with a tiny camera - to examine the entire length of the large intestine. During the examination, tissue samples can be taken, polyps may be removed, and hemorrhage can be ceased if necessary. Most procedures at the center are performed under light sedation, causing the patient to enter a state of deep drowsiness and then sleep. Within half to one hour following the procedure, the patient will be fully awake. The examination typically lasts 20-30 minutes.


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Budapest, Alkotás u. 55- 61, 1123 Hungary
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