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Veri is a health service provider that offers two types of memberships: Sensors and App, or App-only. The Sensors and App membership includes two Abbott Freestyle Libre sensors with each order. These sensors are used to establish an accurate baseline of the user's metabolic health at the beginning of the membership term and to monitor progress during the final two weeks. Each sensor has a lifespan of 14 days. Membership also includes access to Veri's app for three months, which features food logging, educational content, community platform, and list of recommended foods. Additional sensors can be purchased at cost pricing during the subscription period. Veri's App-only membership does not include sensors, but provides access to the same app features as the Sensors and App membership.


  • Two Abbott Freestyle Libre sensors with each order for Sensors and App members
  • Three-month access to Veri's app, featuring food logging, educational content, and a community platform
  • Access to a list of recommended foods based on metabolic health
  • Ability to purchase additional sensors at cost pricing during subscription for Sensors and App members

Not included

  • Direct purchase of sensors for App-only members
  • Compatibility with Dexcom or other CGM devices
  • Access to purchase additional sensors at cost from Veri for App-only members
  • Continuous monitoring of glucose levels unless additional sensors are purchased.
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