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Thriva offers a General Health Blood Test designed to check key health markers such as cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and iron stores, among others. The service includes a detailed analysis by a general practitioner (GP) and provides a comprehensive report of the findings. As part of their execution, Thriva provides customers with two options for sample collection: a self-administered finger-prick test kit or a venous test conducted at a pharmacy by a nurse for an additional fee. Once the sample is collected, customers send it to Thriva's partner labs which hold UKAS, ISO17025 / ISO15189 accreditations. The results are processed swiftly, often within 48 hours, and are accessible via a personalized dashboard that includes trend charts and health support resources.


  • Detailed GP report.
  • Self-collection finger-prick test kit (no extra charge).
  • Access to results on an online dashboard.
  • Evidence-based health tips from doctors.
  • Articles, podcasts, and recipes for health support.

Not included

  • Venous blood collection by a nurse at the pharmacy (available for an extra £40 charge).
  • Any necessary follow-up consultations or medication.
  • Specific personalized treatment plans based on test results.
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