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Synlab is a health care provider located in Hungary, Budapest It offers a wide range of services such as laboratory tests, personalized genetic testing (MyPGx), vitamin analysis, molecular allergy testing, gastroenterology tests, TORCH screening, fetal risk assessment and stool analysis Synlab has a network of blood collection sites across Hungary that are conveniently located near airports and major cities such as Budapest or Debrecen At Synlab they strive for accuracy in results while providing fast turnaround times so customers get reliable answers quickly without compromising quality standards They have implemented artificial intelligence tools into their systems which allows them to generate smart reports tailored specifically towards each patient’s needs based on data collected from previous visits Furthermore they offer discounts packages throughout certain periods making it more affordable for everyone seeking medical assistance from them There are also sections dedicated to their partners and customers with detailed information on how to book appointments or purchase products from the webshop Synlab operates over 100 sites around Hungary offering 5000 different types of examinations annually employing 24000 people worldwide generating 2 billion euros yearly revenue

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Provided by Synlab, Megeni has assembled a blood panel that works with InsideTracker's special Blood Results Upload plan. This plan is ideal for customers who live outside the US and Canada and do not have access to InsideTracker's remaining offerings. InsideTracker will thoroughly examine your blood test results and provide personalized analysis of up to 48 different biomarkers in your blood. These biomarkers are specific substances or indicators that can reveal important information about your health. Through the analysis of these biomarkers, InsideTracker can offer you a complete and holistic understanding of your health, like putting together various pieces of information to form a comprehensive picture of your overall well-being. This way, you can gain valuable insights about your body, identify potential areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to lead a healthier life.

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The Glucose and Insulin Test (0-60-120 minutes) is a comprehensive examination designed to assess your body's response to glucose intake and insulin production. This test provides valuable insights into your blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, aiding in the diagnosis and management of various health conditions.

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The Manager Package is a comprehensive blood test offering extensive information about your body function with a single blood draw. This test, more comprehensive than the basic Live Well package, includes parameters for detecting stress-related conditions. It provides insights into the functioning of internal organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidney, blood-forming system, and thyroid, and any potential problems associated with them. Understanding the results can help reduce lifestyle-related risk factors.

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The technique used by my BIOME ™ test is metagenome sequencing, which is also commonly called whole genome or "shotgun" DNA sequencing. During the procedure, the entire DNA stock of all the bacteria and cells living in the intestine is analyzed, based on which not only the composition of the microbiome can be determined (that is, what bacteria make it up), but also the function of the detected bacteria, that is, the effect and influence of the microbiome on the human body as a whole health status.


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Budapest, Ó u. 44, 1066 Hungary
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