Biological Age test

Biological Age test
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Sarena Clinic offers the Biological Age Test as part of its wide range of health assessments. This innovative test measures ten different aspects of ageing using cutting-edge epigenetic technology, providing insight into the biological age of key bodily systems. The systems assessed include the brain, heart, metabolic, immune, inflammation, kidney, liver, hormone, and blood systems. The testing results provide the biological age of the individual which indicates how the body functions relative to the individual's chronological age and pace of ageing. The comprehensive data gathered from this test forms a basis for the development of personalised interventions to promote healthier ageing.


  • A comprehensive test measuring ten different aspects of ageing.
  • Analysis of the biological age of nine different systems.
  • Science-backed lifestyle recommendations post-test.
  • Continuous monitoring to ascertain how each system's age influences long-term health and wellness.

Not included

  • Follow-up consultations post-test analysis.
  • Personalised interventions or treatments based on the test results.
  • Subsequent annual re-testing or comparison to track ageing progress.
  • Any medication or special care recommended as a result of the test.
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