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Prescan is a London-based medical facility specialising in preventive healthcare. With advanced medical technology such as 3T MRI scanners, they provide body scans, targeted MRI scans, and laboratory testing. Particular emphasis is on immediate results and same-day doctor consultations, eliminating long waiting times often experienced in healthcare delivery. Prescan caters to a broad range of examination needs covering various body parts from the head, neck, heart to joints, and blood tests. For patients with specific complaints, targeted examinations are available even without a referral, speeding up the process of diagnosis. Booking services online further streamline processes for patients, showing a clear focus on customer-centric care. Despite no explicit mention of lifestyle medicine or longevity, Prescan's preventive approach implicitly advocates for long-term wellness and health.

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Body Scan

Prescan offers a comprehensive body scan service, utilizing a 3T MRI scanner at their London clinic. The process involves MRI testing, CT scans, and laboratory examinations such as blood tests to provide a detailed overview of a patient's health. The body scan aims to detect health issues early on and identify the source of any pain or discomfort. In addition to immediate results, Prescan allows patients to consult with a medical professional on the same day as their scan. They offer three different body scan options to accommodate varying budgets and medical needs, each including a 2-3 hour examination process and 5 MRI scans.


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Northumberland, House 155, 157 Great Portland St, London W1W 6QP, UK
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