Making Sense of Glucose

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
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Nutrisense's "Making Sense of Glucose" is an 8-week program designed to monitor and educate on blood glucose management. Clients are provided with four Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensors, which track blood sugar levels in real-time. This data is accessible via the Nutrisense app, offering interactive charts and personalized insights. Participants also receive individualized support from a dedicated nutritionist, who assists in creating a tailored health plan based on the CGM feedback. The service includes group coaching sessions for broader community support and a range of audio-visual and reading materials to enhance understanding of glucose control.


  • Four CGM sensors for real-time blood sugar monitoring
  • Access to the Nutrisense app for data visualization and pattern discovery
  • Personalized guidance from a dedicated nutritionist
  • Access to group coaching sessions
  • Educational audio-visual and reading content

Not included

  • Medications or medical consultations
  • Long-term follow-up beyond the 8-week course duration
  • Costs associated with early program cancellation
  • Fees incurred from late cancellations of video calls
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