Cardiorespiratory Fitness (VO2 max)
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The VO2Max test, by numenor, involves assessing an individual's maximum oxygen uptake during intense physical activity. This procedure is executed using specialized equipment, such as a treadmill or a stationary bike, and an oxygen mask connected to a gas analysis system. The health provider carefully monitors the individual's heart rate, oxygen consumption, and carbon dioxide production, progressively increasing the exercise intensity until the individual reaches their limit. Throughout the test, this provider ensures the individual's safety and accuracy of the measurements, guiding them through the stages of the exercise protocol.


• Pre-test health screening and assessment
• Calibration and setup of exercise equipment and gas analysis system
• Continuous monitoring of physiological responses (heart rate, oxygen uptake)
• Post-test analysis and interpretation of results
• Provision of initial feedback and basic recommendations based on test outcomes

Not included

• Detailed, personalized training or rehabilitation programs based on VO2Max results
• Follow-up consultations or assessments to track progress
• Any medications or supplements
• Additional diagnostic tests or specialist referrals not directly related to the VO2Max assessment

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