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Health Questionaire
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Numenor facilitates a structured self-assessment as part of its health services to enable patients to participate actively in their own healthcare journey. Patients are provided with digital or physical questionnaires, which they are required to complete prior to consultations. These assessments are designed to gather preliminary health information, which is then analyzed using Numenor’s proprietary software. The insights derived from this analysis guide subsequent discussions during the patient's consultation. Equipment for completing digital assessments is provided at Numenor’s facilities for patients who require it.


  • Pre-assessment instructions and support
  • Access to digital or physical assessment tools
  • Comprehensive analysis of self-reported data
  • Discussion of assessment results in follow-up consultation

Not included

  • Any follow-up diagnostic tests which may be recommended post-assessment
  • Prescription medications possibly arising from consultation outcomes
  • Charges for specialist referrals or additional consultations beyond the initial follow-up
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