Monthly 15-Minute Check-In (Optional)

Longevity Doctor Consultation
Virtual: Global
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In our commitment to support your journey toward enhanced longevity and health, Numenor Health offers an optional 15-minute monthly check-in. This brief yet impactful session is conducted via an online chat, focusing on reviewing your progress, evaluating the achievements of your health goals, and making necessary adjustments to your personalized plan. Led by a dedicated longevity specialist, this check-in serves as a regular touchpoint to ensure that your strategies for promoting healthspan and lifespan are aligned with your evolving needs and circumstances.


  • Personal review of your progress since the last consultation or check-in
  • Discussion on the effectiveness of implemented lifestyle modifications and interventions
  • Adjustment of plans based on recent achievements, challenges, or changes in health status
  • Reevaluation of goals with a focus on practical and achievable next steps
  • Guidance on maintaining or improving adherence to recommended strategies

Not included

  • Comprehensive medical consultations or in-depth analysis of new health concerns (these require a separate, detailed consultation)
  • Prescription or modification of medications or supplements (recommendations can be made, but prescriptions are outside the scope of this check-in)
  • Extensive diagnostic testing or interpretation of recent lab results (specific tests may be suggested but are not included)
  • Formal psychological assessments or therapy sessions (referrals can be provided upon request)
  • Initiation of new, specialized treatments not previously discussed or planned
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