Gut Biome Test

Gut Microbiome Testing
On location: Budapest, Lövőház u. 39-I. em, 1024 Hungary
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MIND Clinic offers a comprehensive stool genomics test (SGT test) to analyze the patient's microbiome, which is the collective term for the multitude of microorganisms living in harmony with our body. Utilizing the latest molecular diagnostic techniques, MIND Clinic has significantly advanced the identification and understanding of the gut flora, allowing for the differentiation of over 2000 species and assessment of the microbial community's diversity. The procedure for obtaining this test includes an initial state assessment or triage via their online booking system, followed by recommended examinations and collection of results. The sample for the SGT test is purchased at the clinic's reception and submitted during opening hours, with results communicated via email approximately four weeks later.


  • Online or personal consultation option during initial state assessment
  • Secure payment processing via Simple Pay for consultation fee
  • Sample submission at clinic reception during opening hours
  • Email delivery of SGT test results after approximately four weeks

Not included

  • Follow-up appointment with Dr. Schwab Richárd for test result evaluation (to be booked separately)
  • Any further consultations after the initial assessment
  • Possible additional tests or medications arising from findings
  • Courier service fees for non-local patients requiring sample pickup and delivery
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