DEXA Total body composition measurement

DEXA Scan Body Fat Composition
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DEXA scanner
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The medical centre utilises the state-of-the-art GE Lunar Prodigy Primo for its diagnostic procedures. This advanced device is capable of measuring bone mineral content, a crucial factor in confirming or excluding the diagnosis of osteoporosis, as well as in estimating the risk of fractures. It is generally advised that individuals of both sexes, over the age of 40, should consider having their bone mineral density measured. This recommendation is especially relevant for those with a genetic predisposition, women experiencing menopause, individuals on osteoporosis medication, and those with thyroid or metabolic diseases. The GE Lunar Prodigy Primo operates with minimal radiation exposure, thereby posing no harmful effects to the patients. The process is streamlined and user-friendly; patients can consume food and beverages prior to the test, and no special preparation is required. The procedure is entirely painless, lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes, and does not necessitate undressing. The convenience of this test is further enhanced by the lack of a requirement for a referral and short appointment times. In many cases, the medical centre is capable of conducting the test on the same day as the appointment. Immediately following the procedure, patients will be provided with the results of their measurement, ensuring a swift and efficient diagnostic process.


  • Use of the advanced GE Lunar Prodigy Primo equipment.
  • Measurement of bone mineral content.
  • Confirmation or exclusion of osteoporosis.
  • Estimation of fracture risk.
  • Immediate results at the end of the examination.

Not included

  • Consultation or medication related to osteoporosis or associated conditions post-procedure.
  • Follow-up appointments or further diagnostic tests regarding bone health.
  • Prescription for treatment plans based on scan results.
  • Any additional services outside the immediate DEXA scan procedure, unless otherwise stated by Margit Medical Center.
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