Blood sugar monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
On location: 49 Marylebone High St, London, W1U 5HJ
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At the London Diabetes Centre (LDC), careful glucose monitoring is key to managing and reducing diabetes complications. The use of latest technologies such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and web-based management systems like Diasend, allow for simpler and more confident self-management of diabetes. Regular glucose testing, coupled with the multidisciplinary team's expertise, helps patients understand how various factors affect sugar levels, enabling proper adjustment of treatment plans. For a comprehensive picture, the LDC arranges an HbA1c blood test every three to six months. Furthermore, they provide advice on the use of CGMs and implantable devices like the Eversense monitor, improving patients' overall control over their condition.


  • Access to latest technologies and treatments for diabetes
  • Recommendations for up-to-date devices or continuous glucose monitors
  • Detailed understanding of how various factors affect sugar levels
  • Arrangement of HbA1c blood tests every three to six months
  • Consultation with experienced diabetes specialist nurses
  • Prescription and implantation of the Eversense monitor

Not included

  • Follow-up activities post-CGM implementation
  • Information on updating existing blood sugar monitors
  • Cost of medication related to diabetes management
  • Consultations beyond the initial setup and implementation of CGM or other devices.
  • Costs associated with the FreeStyle Libre system or other device-specific applications.
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