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The Live Vitae Clinic, directed by Ryan Carter, employs a methodical approach to health optimization characterized by a comprehensive boarding process. This initial phase is designed to deeply understand the client’s health status, aspirations, challenges, and necessities. The clinic then formulates customized solutions addressing the "what", "when", "how", and "why" of the client's health issues. Utilizing the principles of functional nutrition and lifestyle medicine, LV tailors a wellness plan unique to each individual, encompassing dietary regimes, lifestyle adjustments, supplementation strategies, and more. Throughout this process, the clinic provides coaching sessions that include education and accountability measures for clients, with real-time adjustments as necessary. Additionally, LV offers interim support between sessions to guide and assess progress.


  • A comprehensive boarding process for personalized understanding.
  • An initial 90-minute consultation with video recording.
  • Customized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement plans valid for two months.
  • Pre-consultation lab testing and subsequent review.
  • One follow-up email for additional inquiries.
  • Personalized health optimization document summarizing the plan.

Not included

  • Costs associated with any follow-up consultations beyond the provided email.
  • Continuous or unlimited email support post-consultation.
  • Any additional lab tests or supplements that may be required after initial plans expire.
  • Medications or treatments outside of the designed supplement regimen.
  • Long-term monitoring or chronic condition management unless specified in a separate engagement.
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