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Levels Health is an online-based service that provides real-time metabolic health monitoring through the use of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). It enables users to track their blood sugar levels, offering insights into the body's response to diet, exercise, and sleep. The service includes a proprietary app that syncs with the CGM, giving users personalized data and recommendations for nutritional guidance. Additionally, Levels Health facilitates blood tests for vital health markers, such as HbA1c and fasting insulin, with the convenience of a simple collection process through partner labs. Results and actionable advice are delivered through the app, promoting an understanding of one's own metabolic health. The program is supported by advisors with expertise in the field, ensuring that the guidance provided is rooted in scientific research and best practices within the area of metabolic health.

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Levels employs a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to facilitate real-time blood sugar monitoring. The small sensor, which is described as being unnoticeable and roughly the size of two stacked quarters, is attached to the patient's upper arm. It is designed for comfort and precision while providing continuous glucose level data for a duration of 10-14 days, depending on the brand. The Levels app integrates with the CGM, offering insights into how lifestyle choices affect metabolic health. It provides users with personalized food insights by analyzing glucose responses to different foods, thereby helping in optimizing their nutrition regimen.


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