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HUM2N Clinic encompasses a multidisciplinary approach to health, with a team of specialists including nutritionists, movement experts, and physicians delivering customized healthcare. The clinic performs extensive biomarker testing to gain in-depth insight into the patient's health and employs health wearables to track biometric data continuously. A range of therapies like cryotherapy, IV ozone, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are offered, all administered at a medical-grade level. Performance outcomes are regularly assessed to ensure health strategies are effective and meet individual goals. Moreover, HUM2N offers medical-grade supplements tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Central to their approach is the provision of continuous coaching and support, aimed at facilitating long-term health improvements and autonomy in patients. Their model incorporates a strong focus on behavioral change and lifestyle interventions, designed to optimize well-being and longevity.

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HUM2N offers a blood spot test from GlycanAge to determine biological age, which is distinct from chronological age. This assessment measures the body's accumulated damage over time, influenced by immune system activation through environmental, lifestyle, and nutritional factors. The test uniquely quantifies an individual's response to lifestyle changes, providing a bespoke approach to understanding and optimizing health trajectories.

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HUM2N's Genetic Test focuses on methylation function—a fundamental biochemical process essential for DNA methylation affecting gene expression. The test screens for genetic variations that might influence critical processes including energy production, inflammation control, and telomere protection. This analysis is designed to reveal genetic predispositions that could impact health and aging.

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The Ultimate Health Baseline test by HUM2N extends beyond standard whole-body testing, delving into a person's current state and cellular composition. This foundational assessment is designed to establish a strong basis for personalized health improvement strategies. It evaluates various health markers in order to provide a clear picture of an individual's overall health status, which then informs the creation of a tailored health optimization plan.


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