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Helkrops MR, based in Aarhus, is renowned for its specialization in full body MR examinations. Utilizing profound medical expertise coupled with advanced MR technology, they emphasize a comprehensive approach to health. Two diagnostic imaging specialists independently review each exam to ensure a thorough analysis. They emphasize preventative healthcare, stressing the importance of early diagnosis for malignant diseases. As part of their commitment to preventative healthcare, they include a prostate gland/bladder examination, particularly relevant to men, thereby actively screening for common male health issues like prostate cancer. Their state-of-the-art scanner heightens the quality of their diagnosis by capturing numerous high-quality images within the standard scanning duration.

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The health provider, HelkropsMR, specialises in performing full-body MR scans with the objective of early detection of serious diseases such as cancer. They utilise the latest equipment from leading manufacturers, specifically chosen for whole-body scanning. The process is detailed and requires expert knowledge to execute. Specialised radiographers conduct the scan following a well-thought-out scanning protocol for different body parts. The generated images are analysed by two specialised radiologists independently before comparing their findings and providing a collective description. The results are then discussed with the patient by a specialist in general medicine.


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Frederiksplads 18 8000 Aarhus C
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