Whole body MRI

Full Body MRI Scan
On location: InnoCrystal, Inovační 122, 252 41 Zlatníky – Hodkovice, Czech Republic
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Health Longevity Clinic utilizes Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) as a comprehensive diagnostic tool to provide a complete map of the body's tissues, organs, cartilage, and bone skeleton. This advanced imaging technique is instrumental in detecting small lesions with the potential to become malignant, positioning MRI as a cornerstone in the early screening for oncological lesions. By offering detailed insights into the body's internal structures, Whole Body MRI at Health Longevity Clinic facilitates the early detection of asymptomatic cancers, identifying up to 95% of incipient oncological conditions. Early diagnosis through MRI significantly enhances the effectiveness of treatments, leading to substantially higher cure rates compared to later-stage detections.


• Pre-scan consultation to explain the procedure and address any patient queries
• Comprehensive Whole Body MRI scan using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-resolution images
• Detailed analysis of MRI results by specialized radiologists to identify any abnormalities
• A complete report summarizing the findings, highlighting areas of concern and potential lesions
• Initial recommendations for follow-up or preventive measures based on scan outcomes

Not included

• In-depth consultations with oncologists or specialists to discuss MRI findings (available separately)
• Biopsy or additional diagnostic tests for further investigation of identified lesions (can be scheduled as needed)
• Treatment plans or interventions for detected conditions (require separate consultations and assessments)
• Continuous monitoring or repeat MRI scans for longitudinal health tracking (must be arranged additionally)
• Any preparatory medications or sedation that might be necessary for patients with claustrophobia or anxiety during the MRI process

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