Gut Microbiome Analysis

Gut Microbiome Testing
On location: InnoCrystal, Inovační 122, 252 41 Zlatníky – Hodkovice, Czech Republic
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Health Longevity Clinic conducts Gut Microbiome Analysis to evaluate the current health status of the gut microbiome, which plays a crucial role in communicating with various systems in the body, including the brain and immune system. This diagnostic process involves analyzing a stool sample to assess the diversity and composition of the gut flora, providing insights into the patient's digestive health, nutrient absorption, and potential inflammation or dysbiosis. By understanding the specific characteristics of an individual's gut microbiome, Health Longevity Clinic can recommend targeted interventions to improve gut health and function, thereby enhancing overall well-being and resilience against diseases.


• Collection of stool sample using a non-invasive, at-home collection kit
• Comprehensive analysis of the gut microbiome, including bacterial diversity and composition
• Detailed report of the analysis results, highlighting areas of concern and overall gut health
• Personalized recommendations to improve gut microbiome health based on the diagnostic findings
• Initial guidance on dietary changes, probiotics, or other interventions to support a healthy gut microbiome

Not included

• In-depth nutritional counseling or personalized diet plans based on microbiome analysis (available separately)
• Follow-up testing to monitor changes in the gut microbiome over time (can be scheduled as needed)
• Prescription of medications or supplements specifically for gut health (recommendations may be made, but require separate consultation)
• Treatment of diagnosed gut-related conditions or diseases (requires additional medical evaluation)
• Ongoing support or consultations to address complex gut health issues not directly related to the initial microbiome analysis

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