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Longevity Doctor Consultation
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At Health Longevity Clinic, an initial 30-minute consultation with a longevity doctor is designed to introduce patients to personalized strategies for aging well. This session involves a detailed review of the patient's current health status, medical history, and lifestyle habits, with a focus on identifying key areas for improvement to enhance longevity. The longevity doctor from Health Longevity Clinic utilizes this time to understand the patient's goals and concerns related to aging, providing a foundation for a tailored approach to promote healthspan. The consultation emphasizes evidence-based interventions and practical advice on lifestyle adjustments, dietary recommendations, and potential supplement use, all aimed at optimizing the patient's long-term health and well-being.


• Initial assessment of medical history and lifestyle factors relevant to aging
• Discussion of personal health goals and concerns with a focus on longevity
• Introduction to evidence-based strategies for improving healthspan and lifespan
• Preliminary recommendations for lifestyle and dietary modifications
• Summary of the consultation with actionable steps and general guidance

Not included

• Comprehensive diagnostic testing or in-depth lab analysis (may be recommended but require separate appointments)
• Detailed prescription of medications or supplements (general advice may be provided)
• Extended follow-up consultations or personalized program development (additional sessions can be booked)
• Specialized treatments or advanced interventions outside the scope of the initial consultation
• Access to ongoing support or coaching without further engagement with Health Longevity Clinic

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