Biological Age Test

Biological Age test
On location: InnoCrystal, Inovační 122, 252 41 Zlatníky – Hodkovice, Czech Republic
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Health Longevity Clinic offers Biological Age Testing, also referred to as epigenetic age testing, to provide insights into an individual's aging process at a cellular level. This non-invasive test involves collecting a small sample of the patient's blood or saliva, which is then analyzed to assess DNA methylation patterns. These patterns serve as biomarkers to estimate the biological age of tissues and cells, which can differ from chronological age. Health Longevity Clinic ensures precision in sample collection and analysis, employing advanced techniques to interpret epigenetic data. The results offer valuable information on the patient's biological aging, guiding personalized lifestyle, dietary, and intervention strategies to optimize health and longevity.


• Collection of blood or saliva sample in a controlled environment
• Detailed analysis of DNA methylation patterns to determine biological age
• Interpretation of test results with a focus on epigenetic biomarkers
• A comprehensive report outlining the findings and their implications for the patient's health
• Initial guidance on lifestyle adjustments or interventions based on the biological age assessment

Not included

• In-depth consultation with a longevity specialist to discuss the results (available separately)
• Follow-up testing or longitudinal studies to track changes over time (can be scheduled additionally)
• Specific lifestyle coaching, dietary plans, or supplement regimes based on the test results (may be recommended but involve further consultation)
• Any medical treatments or interventions directly arising from the test findings (these require separate evaluations and consultations)
• Additional diagnostic procedures not related to the biological age assessment

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